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Garden Center Services
Our horticulture specialists offer their expertise in landscape design software to bring your dream yard or garden to life. They focus on the best colors, textures, your plant preferences, the layout of your yard and existing landscaping to create beautiful designs, as maintenance-free as you’d like them to be.

We also offer our professional planting services! Our professional staff is able to deliver your purchased plants and place them anywhere in your yard, regardless of the quantity.

This service is offered exclusively at our Wentzville location.


Planting: Our planting fee is 70% of the original cost of the tree or shrub. If you’d like World Outdoor Emporium to plant your trees or shrubs, the planting fee must amount to at least $90.00. If your plant purchase amounts to greater than $500, the planting fee is discounted to 60%.

Landscape Design: Our low-cost, flat rate charge for design services is $100.00 per area. Homeowners will be refunded $50.00 of that charge to use toward plants, trees or shrubs at World Outdoor Emporium.